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  • Custom Work:

University or Amateur project? As a sponsor, we would be pleased to contribute to your effort by providing design services and flight articles. Call us!

Need a custom length or specifically designed harness, deployment bag or pilot/drogue chute? Contact us through your dealer and we can deliver to your specs.

Close-up of loops and hardware for the University of Cincinnati Pathfinder project.

Have a large project that requires a recovery harness beyond the strength range of our standard products? We can custom manufacture 6000 lb. tensile strength KEVLAR harnesses to your specification. Like our standard harnesses, these also use NOMEX IIIA loop overwraps and are stitched with NOMEX thread.


Close-up of loop and titanium eyebolt for the Florida Institute of Technology's SERRA project

Close-up of loops and hardware for Florida Tech's SOAR project.

Custom deployment bag designed for use in developmental UAV using all aramid construction.

Have a need for "armor-clad" airframe tubes? We can KEVLAR filament-wind any tube diameters from 4" to 12" in 36" long sections. We then overlay the wound tube with 2x2 Carbon twill and vacuum bag for an extremely durable airframe.



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