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Manufacturers of fine products for High Power, Research, and Amateur rocketry.

Custom Bridge and Tether Strap for the recovery system of the University of Cincinnati's Pathfinder Rocket project. Strap system designed for a maximum load of 6000 lbs., fabricated from KEVLAR and NOMEX IIIA.


Lift-off of Pathfinder 1 from the Wallops Flight Facility, ARC Pad 2, July 17, 2004.


We are proud to sponsor University and R&D projects. If your team has a project requiring custom design and manufacturing of recovery system components, please don't hesitate to call and discuss your needs!

Retaining strap sample provided to Aerostudi s.P.a. in Italy for evaluation for use aboard the International Space Station
Visit the website of our latest sponsored project - Montana State University's  M.A.R.S. flight tests of their 6" - 28,244 Ns engine


Recovery Harnesses for Florida Tech's SOAR (Sub-Orbital Amateur Rocket) Project. - a 2 stage attempt to reach space.


Custom Booster and Dart Tethers for the Florida Institute of Technology's SERRA (Supersonic Experimental and Recoverable Rocket Assembly) Project based on our RHK 2500 harness technology.
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